About us
Aqua Viva high power vacuum cleaner with a water filter thoroughly cleans your home and filters the air, therefore it is recommended for all who suffer from asthma or allergies. A multi-functional cleaning system for every home!
Aqua Viva vacuum cleaner, multi functional cleaning system, vacuum cleaner for home, aqua viva water filter vacuum
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About us

In the company Aqua Viva we believe that health and well-being are the foundation for a successful and happy life. That is why we are constantly creating top innovative products designed for the future but ready to use already today.

Indicators of our work are several thousands of satisfied customers and users of our products as well as loyal employees.

With dedicated teamwork we build trust among our customers and business partners and share with them our vision of a better, more responsible and healthier life. We strive to be the best to create innovative products that will satisfy our customers and enable them a healthier and more carefree living environment.


TO CLEAN AS NATURE DOES is our motto and guidance to global awareness and preservation of healthy environment. With this and our vision in mind we plan products and improvements for building the future.

What are we most proud of?

We are proud of a decade of our work – our high power vacuum cleaner Aqua Viva, which received several recognition awards and awards for innovation, technology, design and others. Our product was designed and produced in Slovenia. Aqua Viva high power vacuum cleaner with a water filter received several awards during development and has been patented in the EU, the USA and Russian Federation.

International award for worlds best product of the year

International award for best innovation, technology and design

Innovation of the year award presented by the Slovenian Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments

Silver recognition award for innovation presented by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia


Everything we create is created with our strong bond between us and our customers in mind. We trust and believe in what we do. As a company and as individuals we are confident, that we will continue to care for the satisfaction of our customers, business partners and employees.

Founded in


producing best vacuum cleaners ever since

Direct Selling

Aqua Viva d.o.o. is a regular member of the Direct Selling Association which was founded 1993 and is under the patronage of Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and two international organisations, European Direct Selling Association and World Federation of Direct Selling Associations.

The members of the association joined with the purpose to protect the good name of direct selling business model and enhance trust of the consumer towards direct selling.

Our guiding principles are:

To protect the good name of direct selling business model

To sell high quality and safe to use products under fair provisions and conditions

To enable connecting and joining international organisations from the field of direct selling with the purpose of information flow and sharing knowledge and business experience