Aqua Viva Washing Set
Aqua Viva washing set for wet cleaning effectively cleans dirt and stubborn stains from sofas, rugs and other padded furniture.
Aqua Viva washing set, set for wet cleaning, water textile cleaning
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Aqua Viva Washing Set

Use the natural cleaning power of water

Furniture textiles, textile flooring, padded chairs, car seats, etc. need to be washed in the same way as personal clothes if we want to remove all impurities and prevent releasing them in the air every time we sit down in the armchair. Wet cleaning creates a healthier environment.

Aqua Viva washing set

Impurities cause micro damage in textile fibres, which is visible in thinning of thickness and density of the material, its deformation and lack of colour and shine. The duration of textiles can be significantly prolonged with appropriate maintenance, that being wet cleaning, which achieves a higher air permeability, less rigidity among fibres, expected durability of use and a nicer look.

How does Aqua Viva washing set work

How does the Aqua Viva washing set work?

It pumps the water with cleaning fluid out of the container and sprays it onto working surface through the washing hose. Simultaneously, it sucks the dirty water from washed surface and disposes it into see-through collection container.

The Aqua Viva cleaning fluid which is used together with Aqua Viva set for wet cleaning works fast to remove surface dirt from textile surfaces, minimizes the odour and in the same time regenerates and protects rugs.