Aqua Viva Deep Cleaning Brushes
Aqua Viva deep cleaning brushes are used for high power cleaning of all textile surfaces, rugs and mattresses. High power brush removes all kinds of dirt, mites and even mould.
Aqua Viva deep cleaning brushes, deep cleaning, deep vacuum cleaning
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Aqua Viva Deep Cleaning Brushes

Aqua Viva big deep cleaning brush

Deep cleaning brush type 1200

Big electric high power brush Type 1200 is used for dry vacuum cleaning and high power vacuum cleaning of padded furniture, mattresses, rugs and floorings with high walking frequency.

Textiles and floorings show signs of wear especially because of micro damage of textile fibres, which get rubbed and scratched by dust particles. The duration of such materials can be significantly prolonged with thorough high power cleaning.

Mattresses are often the home of mites, which can be successfully removed and neutralised with deep cleaning brushes. Mites’ secretions and faeces cause discomfort to healthy people with possible eruption of skin rashes, but they are especially dangerous for allergic persons and persons suffering from asthma. Last researches have shown that one out of five children is suffering from asthma and that every third person faces allergy-related problems (allergies caused by house dust, pollen, mites, animal fur, feathers, mould, food, etc.).

Deep Cleaning Demonstration

Deep cleaning brush type 1605

Small electric high power brush Type 1605 is used for dry vacuum cleaning and high power cleaning in places that cannot be reached by big high power brush, such as smaller surfaces of padded furniture: car seats, pillows, edges of mattresses, armchairs, especially edges, corners, textile seams, etc.

Aqua Viva small deep cleaning brush

Mattresses Deep Cleaning demonstration