Aqua Viva Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner
Aqua Viva water filter vacuum cleaner is recommended for all who suffer from allergies and asthma. It works with the help of the natural power of water.
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Aqua Viva Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner

Aqua Viva high power vacuum cleaner with a water filter enables classic and high power vacuuming, wet-dry cleaning, cleaning of rugs, sofas, mattresses and other padded furniture and in the same time it cleans the air, therefore it is recommended for asthmatics, allergic persons and all who appreciate a healthy living environment.

aqua viva water filter vacuum cleaner

The moist dust doesn’t linger in the room

Aqua Viva high power vacuum cleaner equipped with a water filter uses water as the strongest natural element to catch the dirt and unpleasant odors, wash them and bring them fresh back into the room. It enables filtration on three levels: Water, Separator and Hepa filter.

Practically 100 % clean

Aqua Viva high power vacuum cleaner with a water filter catches typical household dirt while other microscopically small particles stay trapped in the HEPA neutralisation filter system. Hepa filter holds dust particles up to the size of 0,3 micron and can be effective in 99,98 % of cases. If we put it mathematically one micron equals one millionth of a metre, therefore 0,3 of a micron puts hepa filter into highest class of efficiency. This two-levelled filtration eliminates almost 100 % of dirt and pollution from your home.

Aqua Viva high power vacuum cleaner with a water filter slides smoothly on the floor, different attachments and brushes enable cleaning from every corner and remove all hair left behind by your pets, so you can enjoy a spotlessly clean home. Attachments and brushes for different types of cleaning can be changed effortlessly in a blink of an eye.

Engine power can be regulated up or down by pushing the switch. The unit is managed by electronic touch screen control buttons.

Air cleaning and humidifying, aromatherapy, inhalations

Aqua Viva high power vacuum cleaner with a water filter cleans the air in the room to almost 100 %, humidifies it in the same time and thus has an impact on healthy environment. By adding chosen etheric oils to water we achieve aroma therapeutic activity, which enhances our general well-being and stimulates physical and spiritual vitality. Aromatherapy also neutralises most stubborn odours, such as: tobacco smoke, animal odour, smell from the kitchen, etc. Separator in the system which rotates at 23 – 30.000 rotations per minute separates dirt and dust particles from the air, air from water and water from motor.

etheric oils for aromatherapy

    Designed for general cleaning and vacuuming of all floor surfaces and padded furniture.


    Effectively cleans smooth floor surfaces (ceramics, linoleum, parquet) and walls.


    For hard to reach parts of the apartment and for sensitive surfaces which must not be scratched.


    For soft vacuuming of sensitive objects; irreplaceable for cleaning venetian blinds, sunshades, chandeliers, curtains, houseplants, etc.


    Narrowed hose for slots, edges and angles on hard surfaces and padded furniture at home or in a car.


    Simple yet efective way to store all Aqua VIva vacuuming attachements